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Solar Stocks: Enphase Energy (NASDAQ: ENPH) Partners with Natec to Supply IQ Microinverters in Europe


Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH) inches down in pre trading session on Wednesday as the company announces that it has expanded its partnership with Natec, a prominent wholesaler of solar and battery goods, to supply IQ Microinverters and IQ Batteries throughout Europe.

Natec has been working in the solar sector since 2004, and is now a market leader in importing and distributing solar and battery goods in the Netherlands and other European nations. The Enphase IQ7TM and IQ8TM microinverter families, as well as IQ Batteries and other system components, are available from the firm.

The head of purchasing at Natec, Pieter van de Meerakker said, “We’re pleased to see Enphase continuing to grow its business across the region and looking for new ways to make solar energy smarter, simpler, and more affordable for homeowners.” Enphase is the market leader in microinverter technology and has an incredible reputation with installers throughout Europe.”

IQ Microinverters benefit from Enphase’s innovative software-defined architecture and semiconductor integration for high reliability and scalability. Enphase microinverters go through a comprehensive reliability and quality testing program that includes over one million hours of power-on testing to assure great performance in extreme heat, high humidity, salty air, extreme cold, and harsh climatic conditions. In some European nations, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, and Poland, IQ Microinverters come with a 25-year limited guarantee.

Enphase provides a safe solar-plus-battery system that does not expose installers or homes to high-voltage direct current (DC). Enphase IQ Batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, which offers a long cycle life and safer operation due to its high thermal stability. In some European nations, the Enphase IQ Batteries provide over-the-air software upgrades and come with a 15-year limited guarantee.

“Natec is a world-class distribution partner, and we’re excited to expand our relationship with them with a mutual focus on creating a superior customer experience for our customers and end-users,” said Marco Krapels, Enphase Energy’s vice president of international sales. “Through Natec’s vast and growing network, we’re providing more and more people with access to clean, reliable, and safer products to power their lives.”

Earlier this year, Enphase began shipping microinverters from its contract manufacturer Flex in Romania. Enphase has tripled its worldwide capacity of microinverters every quarter with the Flex Romania plant, allowing Enphase to shorten delivery times to European clients while meeting the region’s strong development and demand for residential solar.

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