Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA): Musk Meets With China Minister To Discuss Electric And Intelligent Cars

    Elon musk and chinses minster
    elon musk and chinses minstor

    Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) plunges over 1.02% in pre trading session on Wednesday as China’s industry minister visited Tesla Ltd. CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday, and the two discussed the development of electric and “intelligent networked” automobiles, according to the ministry.

    Musk is among a number of CEOs from multinational corporations, including Apple Inc., who have met with Cabinet officials or Premier Li Qiang, China’s top economic authority, on visits to the country this year, following the loosening of anti-virus controls that had previously barred most travel into the country.

    The ruling Communist Party is attempting to rekindle investor interest in China’s slowing economy and reassure businesses that have been shaken by anti-monopoly and data-security crackdowns, raids on consulting firms, U.S.-Chinese political tensions, and pressure to align their plans with the ruling Communist Party’s industry and economic development goals.

    Jin Zhuanglong, the industry minister, and Musk “exchanged views on the development of new energy vehicles and intelligent networked vehicles,” according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s website. Its one-sentence statement provided little information.

    China accounts for half of worldwide EV sales and is home to Tesla’s first manufacturing outside of the United States.

    According to a government release, China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang, assured Musk on Tuesday that China will “unwaveringly promote high-level opening up” and establish a “market-oriented, law-based, and internationalized business environment.”

    “China’s development is an opportunity for the rest of the world,” added the statement.

    In talks with CEOs Tim Cook of Apple, Albert Bourla of Pfizer, Jakob Stausholm of Rio Tinto, and Toshiaki Higashihara of Hitachi in March, Li conveyed a similar message of comfort.

    According to the ministry statement, Qin informed Musk that China’s EV sector “has broad prospects for development.”

    According to the Chinese statement, Musk stated that Tesla is prepared to develop its company in China and “opposes decoupling,” referring to concerns that the globe may split into numerous marketplaces with incompatible products.

    Tesla did not reply to email requests for details regarding Musk’s trip to China.

    Musk is also the main owner of the social media network Twitter, which is restricted in China due to the ruling party’s internet restrictions.


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