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Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM) Launches ‘Brand Protector’ To Help Protect Businesses from Phishing


The cloud business that protects life online, Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM) releases a new service named ‘Brand Protector’ that detects and disrupts phishing sites, bogus storefronts, and brand impersonations. Brand Protector allows businesses to keep and develop client loyalty while limiting loss, productivity reductions, and negative customer feedback.

Over 50,000 brand-new phishing websites are developed each week, claims Google. Before an attack campaign ever begins, Akamai Brand Protector examines billions of digital activity every day from both internal and external sources to identify brand misuse. By preventing the sale of phony goods, phishing websites, and the unlawful use of trademark components online and elsewhere, this protects organizations from income loss and increased risk.

Brand Protector handles the issue of fraudulent impersonation in four steps:

Intelligence: As the world’s biggest distributed edge and cloud platform, our exclusive perspective of global web traffic analyzes over 600 TB of data every day. Brand Protector’s intelligence is augmented with third-party data feeds to provide holistic awareness of attacker operations everywhere.

Detection: Today’s brand assaults automate the distribution of harmful, temporary websites. Instead of relying on updated lists or delayed feeds, Akamai Brand Protector tracks real traffic to detect brand misuse frequently before a phishing attempt begins. As a result, the attack’s impact is reduced, preserving customers and brand credibility.

Visibility: Customer-centric design provides security professionals with critical security intelligence in a single dashboard view. Following the receipt of intelligence, data signals are processed by a succession of heuristic and AI detectors. The streamlined user interface of Akamai gives immediate knowledge of real-time dangers to consumers via impersonation. Users may examine evaluated threat data, including confidence score, severity rating, number of impacted users, and a chronology of attack events, by clicking into an alert.

Mitigation: Integrated takedown services aid in closing the loop on brand fraud. Brand Protector allows security teams to send a takedown request for the abusive website directly from the detection screen. For simplicity of usage, takedown requests for Brand Protector automatically attach the detection’s evidence and supporting facts.

The Senior VP and GM, Application Security at Akamaim, Rupesh Chokshi stated that Attackers are increasingly utilizing known brand names to entice end users with the promise of financial benefit via phishing and fraudulent websites. Detecting and countering the quick deployment of these assault tactics can be difficult for multinational businesses. By countering these external assault efforts before they acquire traction, Brand Protector maintains consumer loyalty and profitability.

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